Partner with Us to Deliver an Impressive and Fast AMP Website

AMP technology is changing the user experience by optimizing the website loading time on mobile and other devices. We at Dignexus are dedicated to helping our clients produce AMP websites that are customized to their needs. We are enthusiastic about building the websites and delivering them fast. It accelerates their business growth and helps them reach their individual business needs.

Our team at Dignexus is ready to assist you in building AMP websites that will help you run into the future rather than stumbling behind. Don't slow down, and if you let us, we will give you the wings you and your business need.

Why Choose AMP for your business?

  • Creative Separators

    Improved user experience

    In this fast era, nobody wants to be on a site that takes longer to load. If your site is not responsive enough or fast enough, then your target audience is not going to spend their time. Amp can give you the relief of fast loading and an improved experience.

  • Design Features

    Mobile Friendly

    Most people are more into using mobile devices for their business or personal needs than PCs these days. Getting the attention of the right client is all about momentum. If your site does not stand out on mobile, then most of them are not coming back later.

  • Proven Methodologies

    The Flexibility

    Since the AMP we develop will be published on open-source, the overall loading time and experience will be smoother. Hence customer engagement will be better than before. As a consequence, the traffic will gradually increase.

  • Joomla Know-How

    Improved Navigation

    AMP website is accessible on smaller screens. The website Dignexus built can be easy to navigate by the user on their other devices. They will not experience any hassle while searching for their desired service or product.

  • Joomla Know-How

    Search Engine Optimized

    Dignexus developers can create AMP-optimized content because we use AMP Content Delivery Network. Therefore, there is no call to modify the site content as the search engines can effortlessly find out your website.

  • Joomla Know-How

    Handy Framework

    Dignexus design and develop fast-loading, mobile-friendly web pages with AMP accessible structure to allocate content effortlessly on web pages for enhanced user experience on mobile and other devices.

Dignexus' AMP Web Development Services

  • Joomla Know-How

    Smooth And Elegant AMP Design and Development

    We have a team of AMP specialists who have the skills to update an existing website or build a new one from scratch. We can design your AMP website based on modern design principles.

  • Joomla Know-How

    Social Media Marking Integration

    We can help you integrate your social media accounts with your AMP website so that users can easily follow or like you on their favourite social media platform.

  • Joomla Know-How

    AMP Ecommerce Solutions

    Build fully functional ecommerce websites and AMP versions of your existing ecommerce websites. We integrate with the leading ecommerce platforms and their AMP plugins to offer seamless integration. We also provide custom ecommerce development options.

  • Joomla Know-How

    AMP HTML Service

    We offer an AMP HTML Service to create your AMP website. We can design, develop, publish and host your AMP website. We also assist you in custom AMP development.

Services you can expect from Dignexus

  • ◆ AMP for WordPress
  • ◆ AMP Development
  • ◆ AMP for eCommerce
  • ◆ AMP Design
  • ◆ AMP Maintainance

Why Dignexus?

The only vision and outcome we understand is delivering you the best ROI possible, and that’s the secret of or long-term relations with our esteemed clients.
We can boast of having a dedicated team of experts who are always on-toe to help you grow your business.
Team Dignexus does not believe in push-selling, and we give our clients all the freedom to choose the specific service as per their needs.
If you are not contented with our services, talk to us. We will give you back your money without any further argument.
We work as the extended family of our clients and maintain a 100% transparency to maintain that relationship.
You can expect weekly, bi-weekly, monthly analysis and reports. We take action as per your requirements and flexible in that way.
We have a team of talents that match your needs. We believe in specialized skills instead of multi-tasker.