Digital Marketing and Small Business: The Perks of Outsourcing

Do you think you do not need online marketing just because you are a start-up?

Are you looking for someone to take care of all your online marketing?

Before we start talking about the whole digital marketing scenario in detail, you need to understand one simple fact. In this digital era, if you do not utilize the power of digital marketing, then you are missing out on all the opportunities that your competitors are grabbing.

It is a digital era, and all your target audiences and customers are making their buying decision based on Google reviews, Facebook recommendations, and Instagram influencer’s posts. So your presence and strategic activity in all these digital marketing platforms and channels are imperative for your growth.

The following statistics will give you a glimpse:

  • Flip kart: $6.3 billion USD
  • Amazon: 28,052.2 crores USD
  • Alibaba: 56.152 billion USD

So now, you can see how exponential growth is there in the online market. So if they can reap the fruit of digital innovation, you can also be there.

The only thing you need is a proper plan and a suitable marketing expert.

Well, you must have a few more questions in your mind. Such as–

  • What is the difference between sales and marketing?
  • Which is better marketing or sales for me?
  • What are online marketing strategies?
  • What is a good ROI for digital marketing?
  • What is KPI in digital marketing?

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Want to know a little bit more about how can you start/proceed? Should I set up my own team or outsource someone?

Now, why should you go for outsourcing!

Here’s what we think:

There have been examples of organizations having a core group of dedicated in-house digital marketing experts who are directly integrated within the business. Though these endeavors have been made to launch successful campaigns, it has often been observed that the results were farther away from delivering favorable results. In the wake of such events, it has been considered that outsourcing the digital marketing campaign for any business-big or small, has its advantages. In the case of small businesses, it is even more conducive because there are digital marketing agencies in India who are considered experts that handle all the intricacies of the digital marketing campaigns. At the same time, the firm does not have to compromise on its core business.

Few of the advantages that outsourcing your digital marketing strategy brings to your business:

There are a lot of upsides that outsourcing your digital marketing strategy and activities will grant your business. If your business is small, then these advantages could prove to be extremely valuable. But to get a holistic view of the advantages, you should consider the issues involved in an in-house digital marketing team. 

The Cost Factor 

Outsourcing the bulk or all of your marketing requirements to the best digital marketing agencies in India would mean a significant profit on the economic front for your business. There are different branches of digital marketing that require the involvement of a specialist. Their professionalism and the expert knowledge that comes into play may quote an ample sum of money. Still, that is less than what you would incur if you had to employ a team from your company to do the same.

The Cost Factor

Along with these, you would also have to take up the cost that covers their education and learning of the latest trends and technologies in this rapidly evolving market. The hardware and the software required to create the relevant graphics and maintain the web presence of your company would also take up huge sums of money. Thus you can get rid of all these expenses if you are outsourcing digital marketing needs to any of the reputed digital marketing agencies in India. 

Speed Factor

Preparing a particular in-house digital marketing team that will be dedicated to your business objective and domain-specific marketing measures is indeed a time-consuming matter. If you are looking for immediate implementation of a marketing plan and speed up your business growth, then outsourcing the digital marketing sector to a virtual team will be an ideal option for you. 

Speed Factor

Every day a new trend of social marketing is popping up, and yesterday’s trend is becoming obsolete. So getting prepared for the current trend can snatch away your competitive advantage. Most of the offshore digital marketing agencies are up-to-date in terms of trending promotional and digital changes. So to stay ahead of others, time is the most crucial factor. 

Scale Factor

Outsourcing gives you access to a team of tremendously experienced marketers. The marketing sector is highly specialized and comprises several individual regions like content creation, graphic design, and a lot of others. Virtual teams in India are crucial to having access to individualized knowledge and specialized skill sets. 

Scale Factor

Hiring an in-house team could be a possible solution, but then it could mean that you or your business won’t have access to the best of the resources in marketing. Having an ensemble marketing team that works in-house means you are compromising on the quality. 

Digital marketing agencies in India could be the most favorable solution to all your marketing concerns. Outsourcing your digital marketing requirements to these agencies could prove to be extremely fruitful as you would have complete access to the best of graphic designers, website managers, content creators, and all others who would add value to your marketing team. It does not matter if they are stationed at the same place because all of them would be working synergistically on the same project, and thus you would reap huge rewards from this virtual team in India. 

Quality Factor

Outsourcing assures that there will never be any chance of below-than-expected performance from their end. Because you are outsourcing to a digital marketing agency or virtual digital marketing team who are well-versed in every branch of digital marketing and have years of experience in doing that. Getting that same sort of quality outcome from the in-house team is not like some mission impossible, but it will involve uncertainty, a rigorous recruitment process, substantial training, training cost, time, and many other unavoidable factors. 

Quality Factor

It is evident that these virtual teams are specialized in their fields, and their areas of expertise are well branched out and will provide you the satisfactory result. Competent and able digital marketing agencies in India can perform their assigned tasks with a greater degree of efficiency and professionalism and guarantee higher returns.

Stress Factor

Your major employees are inherent to the core operations of your business. They will not be able to act as well as any expert digital marketing team who are competent in the digital marketing field. Therefore you might invariably end up including a lot of other staff to create headway into your marketing strategies. Small business owners are often mistaken when they feel that having an in-house team will do the job for them. But this will only escalate the mistakes and cost them time and money. The stress of training a whole team and keeping them updated will keep you busy in other stuff other than core operations.

Stress Factor

While you outsource your marketing needs to the best digital marketing teams in India, you can necessarily concentrate on focussing the competency of your employees in your business and continue doing what they do best. In this way, you can have the best of both worlds.

We hope you got a clear idea about Outsourcing and how it is advantageous for you in every way.

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How Dignexus Company help you?

It is not easy to pin down the exact meaning or definition of Agile Digital Marketing and the role of an Agile Digital Marketer. If you do not have any idea about this term, then you are not alone. Fundamentally, agile digital marketing is a process of dealing with your marketing department, campaigns, and projects that helps you deal with shifting priorities, the embryonic wants of the client, and cutting edge technological developments.

Digital Marketing Team

Agile marketing makes this conceivable through:

  • Letting a rapid response to production and industry developments.
  • Utilizing adaptive strategic design.
  • Communicating in an authentic, transparent way.
  • Working in iterations.

If you are in search of a way that will allow you to make se real-time adjustments, then agile digital marketing is the end of your search. Now the question is how you can identify a proper agile digital marketer. The following points will help you with that:

agile digital marketer

Digital Savvy: The true digital savvy person is aware of all the know-how of the evolving digital world. It is important to have intuitive smartness when it comes to applying the digital skills to be rapidly responsive 

Content-Centric: A content-centric mind-set of the agile digital marketer has the potential to convert your small business into something astonishing. Content marketing touches so much of what you do to create brand awareness– from social media to paid advertising, email marketing, SEO, and beyond. 

Commercially Aware: Commercial awareness is the capability to understand what makes an organization or business successful. It is nothing but an understanding of staying up-to-date on everyday events and developments in the commercial and business world.

Technically Proficient: Be it traditional digital marketing or the agile digital marketing, technical proficiency can be considered as the first step. Big skilled in different technical aspects of this vast digital world is indeed a deciding factor. 

Data-Driven: Being data-driven in digital marketing isn’t just a tactic. It’s also a way of thinking. Without the proper mind-set, digital marketers are less likely to accept and embrace the rigors needed for the move from speaking about the benefits of data-driven digital marketing to executing them.

Result Focused: A skilled, agile digital marketer l always keep in mind the end result. Result focus ness is basically the very starting point of any successful campaign

We know how curious you are. That is why we are trying to explain a few common questions you may have.

What Do You Know About My Industry?

It is our experience that help s serve you best no matter what niche you follow. Be it real estate or online clothes, hospitality, or medical service, and we can provide the domain-specific turnkey solution.

Can You Guarantee Top Rankings?

You need to understand one simple fact. Dignexus, or any other SEO agency, cannot regulate how Google ranks sites. Google keeps making changes to their algorithm. While the SEO companies try their best to stay updated and understand what alterations were made and change your website according to that, they just cannot give any assurance. 

In Dignexus, we use very smart speculations before devising strategies, but we cannot control Google or any other search engines. If some SEO agency promises high Google rankings built on their SEO service area, it is possibly doing something they shouldn’t be.

Which KPIs do you think are relevant to us?

Key Performance Indicator is a quantifiable value that reveals how efficiently a company is attaining key business purposes. Companies use KPIs at manifold levels to assess their success at getting targets. Before coming to any specific decision, we will evaluate your company goals, the specific market you are in, and other decisive measures.

A Key Performance Indicator is a quantifiable value that reveals how efficiently a company is attaining key business purposes. Companies use KPIs at manifold levels to assess their success at getting targets. Before coming to any specific decision, we will evaluate your company goals, the specific market you are in, and other decisive measures.

How to Hire Your Digital Marketing Dream Team for You?

Hire Your Digital Marketing Dream Team

First of all, closely check the USP and work profiles of the prospective digital marketing team. It is natural that a digital marketing team will highlight their best features and skills on their official site. But the testimonials and the work profiles is the most transparent thing you can rely on. 

How much do freelance digital marketers charge?

The digital marketing campaign cost can differ as per continent respective currency and requirement of the client. Let’s make it comprehensible and simple, and digital marketing hiring can be divided into parts. 

  1. Full time dedicated Hiring: 160 hours
  2. Part Time Hiring: 80 hours ( 4hrs x 20 days)

But the deciding fact is mostly the requirement of the client. 


If a business is small, it is essential to understand that the growth in revenue and business opportunities will only be achieved by amplifying the productivity of the core operations and not by efforts to curtail expenses. Jack of all trades, master of none, is a very important proverb that will find its relevance here. 

Thus you should make efforts to focus on your business and not stray into the vastly expansive and competitive sector of digital marketing. Your budget and resources are essential in deciding which virtual team in India you wish to hire. You should outsource your digital marketing requirements to the best digital marketing agencies in India and let them work to the best of their potential. This will surely see your business encountering huge windfalls. 

If you still have any questions, please let us know through call, email, or message. We will be happy to assist you.

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