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A news app gathers important news from various sources and distributes it to the public. Everyone is living a digital life and enjoying the accessibilities that comes with digital evolution. From school kids to high-powered business people to stay-at-home moms, they like to get their news on their smartphones at their convenience.

Dignexus prototype lets you have digital news subscriptions, which are more convenient and up-to-date and can provide your users with automatic alerts and notifications for the newest developments around the globe.

Even if you're a new media company, a journalist, or a news agency that has been around for a while, it's time to become digital. A news web portal may help you reach your specialized and target audience by adapting to the current technology. You've come to the correct spot if you're searching for a news app development agency. We have prototypes of various dynamic news apps for your specific needs, including regional and national headlines and sports and business news.

We offer the following range of news app development services

  • Creative Separators

    General News App

    If you want a general news app that delivers high-quality content with a polished design, you have come to the right place. At Dignexus, we have models of news apps for all types of businesses. We have crafted attractive and modern designs using multiple background colors that change according to your settings. Choose from thousands of gorgeous backgrounds or use our pre-defined color schemes! Our reports exhibit a highly professional touch thanks to focused graphics that do not delay in providing information.

  • Design Features

    Blog News App

    Our blog news app prototypes are perfect for your needs if you're planning to develop an app for personal and/or professional content. Simply plan where you want your blog articles to be placed so they can work their way into the best possible positions on your readers' screens. At Dignexus, we feature entirely customizable designs based upon what fits perfectly with each individual project's description! Our fully responsive prototypes will also display beautifully on smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

  • Proven Methodologies

    News Aggregator

    Dignexus offers various highly customizable app models for news aggregators designed to get the biggest possible amount of your users' attention to your content. We realize that different business categories require specific layouts, so our prototypes are completely customizable to your business needs. We provide valuable insight into user behavior to increase website revenue, which is why you will have difficulty finding clients who are not interested in our services.

  • Joomla Know-How

    Articles News App

    If you want to target a specific audience and adapt your app for their purposes, our articles' news app prototypes will provide a feature-rich layout that is especially well suited for this kind of sector. Our evergreen solutions and prototypes make it even more likely that users will access your pages regularly! We offer further modifications so you can choose exactly what your business needs to earn money right away.

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Team Dignexus does not believe in push-selling, and we give our clients all the freedom to choose the specific service as per their needs.
If you are not contented with our services, talk to us. We will give you back your money without any further argument.
We work as the extended family of our clients and maintain a 100% transparency to maintain that relationship.
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