Transform websites into applicable data. Team Dignexus to have earned a name in converting numerous of web pages into useful data.


We provide high-quality and reliable structured data to advance business results and empower quick and effective decision making. Data is the core of any business. At Dignexus, we have an expert team of web data diggers who will dig up essential and related information from any website for your business. We can pull up data like diamonds from a coal mine. We extract data from various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, yellow pages, Yelp, and other sites, making sure you can significantly benefit from these scraped data.

Engineered for Most Data Extraction Requirements

Price Monitoring

Price Monitoring is something that you must-do if you want to extract pricing data from different websites. It might look stress-free and just a little technical work that needs to be handled, but the truth is, it’s an intricate work of data extractions that involves extracting price values from the HTML.

Lead Generation

Lead generation means searching for potential target consumers that you could gain revenue from. Web Scraping is the method through which you can be assured that the leads you interact with are willing to purchase or be interested in buying what you are marketing.


Starting from scraping what your competitors are doing for marketing or surveying your potential buyers to gauging which campaigns bring the most revenues, Web Scraping is the boon that you need for a 360-degree marketing plan


Web scraping is a method by which one can accumulate data from numerous websites and use it for further research or save it for future use. Instead of unstructured factual data, web scraping lets you structure the data into a spreadsheet, database formats that can be analyzed and used for research.

How web scraping and data help businesses?

No matter what name you prefer, call it Web Data extraction or Web Harvesting, Web scraping solutions facilitate and help industries through automation of extracting unstructured data on the World Wide Web and transform it into structured records and manageable formats that can be used by their business applications, delivering substantial business value.

Contemporary web scraping services range from the ad-hoc, involving the human effort to even completely automated systems that can convert complete web sites into organized and structured information. Using web scraping software, one can create sitemaps that will navigate the website and extract the data.


Product, Review and Pricing Data

Monitor prices, reviews, availability, brand reputation, prominence, distribution chain, and assess customer evaluations to improve the products and revenues with this data. The website specific web crawling or the price evaluation sites crawl the E-comm sites product description, prices, and images to get the data for insight, comparison, or analytics. is indeed an excellent example of this sort of data-warehouse site.


Online Reputation

To stay ahead of others in this digital world, companies are confident enough about spending on online reputation management. An ORM strategy involves the scraped data that can help you to realize which audiences you most expect to influence and what zones of liability can expose your brand to probable reputation damage. By understanding these zones of vulnerability and proper S.W.O.T analysis, you can transform tor weaknesses into your most significant advantage.


Jobs Scraping

Job sites use web scraping to create a central job board after crawling other job boards and company sites. There is also a technique to use geo-targeting and assessing Google with LinkedIn. The only thing that was challenging was to mine from the professional social site is contact Infos. is an ideal example of this sort of site.


Price competitiveness

Web Scraping can track the prices of products, and stock availability allows you to get notifications whenever there are modifications in competitors'' rates or the market. In the eCommerce business, marketplaces use web scraping to improve their product features. Flipkart would want to understand how their products are performing against Amazon through data or web extraction.


Organic Search Result SEO tracking

By scraping organic search outcomes, you can instantly get an idea about your SEO competitors for a specific search term. You can regulate the keywords and the title tags they are using and targeting. You will have a clarified understanding of the keywords driving traffic to a website.


Tracking Online Presence

To assess a product's performance and user behavior, web scraping business profiles and product reviews are significant. The web scraping could check thousands of consumer profiles, studies, and analyses, which can be really beneficial for business analytics.


Custom Analysis

Custom Analysis is mostly for the news websites in which the scrapped data can be beneficial for the channels in understanding the observer behavior. The goal is to deliver targeted news to the viewers.


To provide Improved Targeted Ads

The data scraping provides you data and the views and behavioral analytic; therefore, you know the audience categories and the preference of ads they would want to perceive.


Assembling Public Opinion

Screening specific company pages from social platforms and networks to collect updates for what people are discussing on particular products. Data assortment is beneficial for the product's performance and growth.


Scrape leads

Sales teams are always eager and hungry for data. With the web scrapping method's help, you can extract leads from directories like Yellow Pages, Just Dial, Sulekha, etc., and then communicate with them.


Why Dignexus?

Human Touch: We have actual humans who will talk with you within minutes you submit the request and help you with the data scraping requirements.
Goal Defining: We start by sharing a few cups of coffee while going deeper into discussing your business challenges and your expectation from the website scraper.
Planning: We contemplate every aspect of the business before writing the document and sending it to you for verification.
Proceed: We wait for your feedback and then only develop the custom web scraper with an integrated auto locator and data extractor.
Execution: We then deliver model data for you to authenticate. Once authenticated, we continue with the web scraping assignment. Once done, you will accurately receive the data the way you require it within your given time frame.
Affordability: We provide scalable data without costing a fortune. Our competitive pricing is the secret behind our retaining clients.
Turn-key Solution: We have earned our esteemed clients' attention and trust for our end-to-end and turn-key solutions related to web scraping.

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